Gak kerasa yah, tahun ajaran 2007/2008 tinggal dikit lagi. Mesti tambah rajin dan semangat buat ngadepin ujian, apa lagi anak kelas 3 wajib tambah rajin belajarnya buat ngadepin UN yang ada di depan mata.

By the way,kita tim blogger SMP Amanah mempersembahkan ini blog yang pasti seru buat dibaca. Blog ini isinya kayak nano nano (manis, asem asin rame rasanya..), kalian di sini bisa nemuin bermacam fakta, event-event seputar kegiatan di Amanah ini. So check it out and don't forget to post a comment yaa....

Rabu, 19 Maret 2008

Something beautiful

Are there so many flowers grow up
Or I just see the wrong things?
Are ther really so much colours in this world
Or I just imagine that?
You,listen to this confession
Coz I can’t deny this starange sense
Why you put me on these pieces of the confuse
Don’t u know ilove uso?
Is this world surely spinningaround me
Or I just dreaming about that?
Is there your face show everywhere
Or…….. That’s only my ilussions?

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